Prakruti Yatra

// interactive, installation //

Prakruti Yatra(nature walk) is an interactive wall installation prototype for the Tripura Science Centre in Udaipur, Tripura. 

Brief: To create an interactive wall in the corridor of passage between two exhibit rooms at the Science Centre.

Our attempt was to create an experience where the “act of walking” triggers interactions with elements of nature in the sky and forestscape biomes.

August 2018

Team: Akshay, Britto, Komal

National Institute of Design
In collaboration with National Council of Science Museum, Kolkata


Use of kinect sensor to track the passer-by in the corridor

Sketching of Ideas and interactions 

Various elements of nature were categorised under two interaction types based on their role in nature.
Example: Follow human- A cloud
Trigger by human- mushrooms, where the growth of mushroom is triggered by the audience passing by a particular coordinate.

Trigger by human 

Follow Human

Game Objects: Eg, Cloud, wind, mushroom, birds
Their Property: Timer- How long can they be controlled by the kinect
Initial position: position before coming under the control of kinect 
Final position: position after the timer goes off