// narrative, experience, virtual reality //  

APMV.exe is a VR film made to preserve built and cultural heritage of a 400 year old Ashapura mata ni vav (Ashapura Goddess’ stepwell), in Ahmedabad.

The VR film takes the perspective of a water diviner who stumbles upon the principle deity of the step well who takes him on a narrative about the origin of stepwells, its role in maintaining balance and femininity.

July 2018 

Team: Exhibition Design batch 2015
My role- Narrative, 3D models, patterns

Guide: Ayaz Basrai, Salil Parekh, Riyaz Tayyibji  
National Institute of Design 

Drone used for photogrammetry of the stepwell

Stepwells are underground wells or structures where the water is reached by descending a set of steps. Historically made for women, the stepwells are always associated to different goddesses. APMV is associated to Ashapura Goddess who is known for fulfilling one’s wishes.

Currently the vav has turned into a dump yard. Its surroundings have been encroached upon and chawls have been built around it. The roof of the vav is used as a bridge by locals living on both sides of the vav using it everyday as a temple at the same time.

Glimpses of the film- 

Desert physical model for photogrammetry

Desert skybox- water colour

3D model made using technical drawings


Photogammetry and 3D modelling

Visual references of the stepwell converted to patterns

The film launched as a limited show 
Credits sequence