36 days of type

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With 36 days of type 2018 as a platform, the following series depicts the threatened species at present with a brief on them and the factors due to which they are threatened. 

May 2018 


Ateles Fusciceps 
Also called Black spider monkeys, they are most known for their red faces. 

Current status: Vulnerable
Why? Destruction of rain forests due to hunting.

Bradypus pygmaeus
Also called Pgymy three-toes sloth. They are known for their low metabolic rate and spend 15 to 20 hours per day sleeping.

Current status: Critically endangered
Why? Deforestation of tropical rainforest. 

Geronticus eremita

Justicia americana

Onopordum carduelium.

Rowettia goughensis

Varecia rubra

Trithemis nigra